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You can view your albums here and order directly from the site. The prints are excellent quality from some of my favorite developers....feel free to share the link with family and friends and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any trouble navigating the site or placing orders!
If you see a print you would like in a larger format and need higher resolution, please contact me directly with your needs and I can create a custom order to your specifications!
Thank you for your interest and your support!
Heather White

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Guestbook for Heather White Photography
Carol Taylor!(non-registered)
Wow! What fantastic pictures to tell the story of your incredible trip! All of you who made a difference in the lives of the people with whom you visited and worked. I love the joy and love that is seen in your photos of everyone. You are so gifted at capturing moments of such a country full of poverty and yet of folks who smile and show the excitement of engagement with others from beyond their country! The ministry of your group made an impact with the people!

I continue to admire you in your work, ministry and love you have for people. Seeing your husband and son share in this experience with you is wonderful! Love Jules fun with the children with his handsome teeth. Also, your son was so engaging with all the children and showed his servant heart in the photos.

Thank you for sharing your gift of love for humanity with us! You are a woman of God's called to minister to people in times of need. I sure know you have touched me in my time of need with cancer. You are a healer indeed! Thank you for sharing your photography!
Martha Crawford (Laura's mom)(non-registered)
Heather - thank you for those beautiful photos of our family. You certainly captured wonderful expressions of each family member which we will always treasure. It was a pleasure to meet you and thanks for taking time from your vacation to photograph our family.
Bill Andersen(non-registered)
I absolutely love some of your pictures. I will have to look at them again, more closely :)
Winkie Lassiter(non-registered)
Thanks again Heather for the beautiful pictures of our family. We will treasure them forever!! You are so talented.
Cathy Mitchum(non-registered)
Heather, your photographs are breathtaking. Not only are you a wonderful physician, but an unbelievable photographer! Just beautiful!!!
The guestbook is empty.